Hey guys!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We’ve been working long and hard on these two dances! They’re so different from one another, but I’m ready to go for it and do our best! The quickstep is lots of quick footwork and keeping a beautiful frame while the samba is very rhythmical with lots of hip action. So it’s time for me to shake it again!

People ask what I do in my trailer before shows, and the answer is not much! Mondays are a little crazier since they’re performance days, but I usually try to find a few minutes to relax. If my kids are here, I’ll spend some time with them. Otherwise I’m just chilling, catching up with phone calls and emails. I wander through hair and makeup, get that done. I’ll sit and chat with Mark. He and Derek are in a band together – if you don’t know – called Almost Amy, and he plays me preview of songs he’s been writing. I got to hear one last week and it sounds awesome. You should check them out!

That’s all for now. See you tonight!


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