You probably recognize Tyler Hilton from One Tree Hill or from his role as Elvis in the Oscar-winning flick Walk The Line, but the up-and-coming star is hoping to be remembered for his music too.

In 2004, Tyler released an album, The Tracks of Tyler Hilton, and now the 24-year-old finds himself in Nashville recording some music for a future release.

"I’m digging it," he tells OK!. "It’ll be the best thing I put out so far."

Is he worried about the long time between album? "After taking this long the stakes are continually raised," Tyler says of the new project, which he expects to be available by June. "It’s a catch-22. You want to justify how much time its taking but I’m setting my sights high."

But even though Tyler’s got his mind on making beautiful music, he’s still keeping busy acting, including his latest onscreen in Charlie Bartlett, which opens this Friday. "It was a nice break from music," he explains. "Acting is great because it gives me a vacation to work on another muscle."

Shooting the film also gave Tyler the opportunity to work with his favorite actor, Robert Downey Jr. "He could have been an a**hole," Tyler tells OK! about his experience working with the Oscar-nominated star. "But I was so surprised how cool he was. We got to hang out a few times and I just really dug hanging with him. If i could do a movie with anybody else again, it would be him."

Unlike other young celebs who don’t appreciate the great gifts they’ve been given, Tyler takes is all in stride. "I’m just really lucky to be able to make art everyday without the pressure of time," he tells OK!. "It’s nice that I dont have to make compromises."


By Jocelyn Vena

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