Apparently Tyson Beckford thinks models need to be saved from the big bad actors and actresses taking away their fashion magazine covers.


”You have to do a lot of tweaking and airbrushing to get the same from a celebrity that you would get from a model," the Make Me a Supermodel host tells the Associated Press. "A lot of celebrities – I’m gonna tell you right now– they’re not 5’11”; they’re not a size 2 to fit into these designer dresses, but the designers want exposure so they’re willing to make the specific dress for that actor or actress to get them to look good on the cover.”


Tyson doesn’t think celebs will be taking models’ work forever, however, adding, "’It’ll all come back around. One day some designer will wake up and say, `You know what? I don’t want to use Gwyneth Paltrow. I want to use Adriana Lima, I want to use Gisele [Bundchen], I want to go back to the high fashion. I think slowly but surely you’ll see that start happening.”

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