Ugly Betty airs tonight! We’ll find out who was dastardly enough to push a very pregnant Christina down the stairs. 


Co-star Michael Urie is staying mum on the top suspects, but he did reveal to OK!‘s Oliver Coleman how he’s adjusting to shooting in the real Big Apple.


Michael loved shooting on the West Coast, but says creative juices can dry up n the perfect California sunshine.

He couldn’t be happier that production has moved to New York.

"People aren’t rude to you in L.A., like they are here," he shared at Paper Magazine/ABSOLUT Disco launch party co-hosted by Patricia Field. "And you can’t be an actor unless people are complete bastards to you."

The New Yorkers have already been kind enough to give Michael, who once lived here for seven years, plenty of  ‘inspiration’.

"On my second day back in New York, I was walking with a friend and we turned on to Fifth Avenue, and this women brushed right by my friend," he said.

"My friend said, ‘Wow!’, and this woman came back, and started swinging her phone around and was like, ‘I will hit you with my phone!’ It was insane!"

If it helps Michael, great, but let’s hope people aren’t too keen to stimulate your talents!


Catch a new episode of Ugly Betty Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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