UPDATE: We were certainly on the right track on Wednesday when we revealed that a new hottie would be joining Ugly Betty.

Turns out that flame is none other than Mark Consuelos, hunky husband of Live’s Kelly Ripa. Muy caliente!

He’s slated to appear on one episode of the show.

Like we revealed on Wednesday, he’ll be hanging out a lot at the Mode offices. Amanda better break out her sexiest couture!

This is why I love being in the field.??

Yesterday, while hanging out at my new favorite Queens spot — the Ugly Betty set — I learned that the ?show is looking to cast a new male lead.

??"The buzz is he’ll be the new hottie at Mode," a show insider revealed? to me.

??We definitely need some new office eye candy now that Christopher ?Gorham, who played Betty’s boyfriend Henry, has ended his Betty? run and will take up residence in Harper’s Island, a new project for? CBS.?

?"We’ll miss him. He’s a good friend and such a huge talent,"  Betty ?star Ana Ortiz told me.??

"Of course, he’s already got a show. And think it’s probably better for? him, with his wife pregnant again." (Christopher and his wife, actress ?Anel Lopez Gorham, are expecting their third child in January 2009.)

??And here’s an A-list spotting I had during my exclusive visit: Beyonce,? standing 10 feet away from me just outside the studio’s lobby.??

She was wearing just a blue robe, her hair was light (again!) and she ?looked fierce.??

Turns out she was at the production studio to shoot a new ?Loreal commercial.??


You better work that lip gloss, girl!

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