Jack Jordan, the man convicted of stalking Uma Thurman and harassing her and her family for two years, was released from jail on Monday and ordered to get psychiatric care as part of his probation.

"It’s important that you understand that your conduct is unacceptable, is criminal," said New York Criminal Court Judge Gregory Carro, who rejected a prosecution recommendation that Jordan return to jail, where he was held for four months.

Jordan,37, who was previously committed to a mental institution, was convicted of stalking and one count of aggravated harassment. He was cleared of two other counts and could have faced up to a year in prision.

Jordan told a judge that he would have left Thurman alone had he realized that his behavior was causing her great pain or fear.

"I heard things like, ‘Would you leave?’ instead of, ‘Sir, you’re making Ms. Thurman nervous. Please leave," Jordan said. "My greatest wish is that I had known sooner that I was putting fear into the heart of a woman I cared very much for."

Thurman, whose film credits include the Kill Bill movies and Pulp Fiction, testified at the trial that she was "completely freaked out" by Jordan’s actions and feared for her life and the safety of her two children.

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