I have a girlfriend who doesn’t think twice about buying a last-minute airplane ticket and traveling to parts of the world unknown.

I’m not such the adventurer, but I can live vicariously by watching the series Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein, premiering tonight on the Discovery Channel.

Host Josh travels to the most exotic parts of the world to reveal the beauties and mysteries of different lands and cultures, including one of his favorite, Papua New Guinea.

"I went there to explore a small village called Koke, where the elder wanted to preserve an ancient culture before he died," says Josh.

"He invited me to go in a capture it on camera"

The are even two spots Josh convinced me to check out.

"The Greek Isles and Italy are two of the most romantic places you can visit," he shares.

"Along with the architecture, there’s just something relaxing and arousing about the climate in the Mediterranean."

Now I understand why my friend travels so much!

Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein premieres Monday, August 18 at 10 p.m. on Discovery Channel.

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