One final promised highlight and stat from Sundance…

Highlight: Meeting Matisyahu, If pop stands for popular, Hasidic beatboxing, reggae musician Matisyahu was the biggest pop star in Sundance. I saw him perform in Park City three Sundances ago where he drew an admirable crowd, but was still a relative unknown to the masses. Fast-forward to 2009 and I saw him with a receiving line of enamored fans as he hung out behind the DJ booth at Sundance 2009 undisputed hospot Tao at the Sundance Lift.

Matisyahu (who’s name I was told to phonetically pronounce either as Modest Yahoo or Matzo Yahoo)  has a calming presence and doesn’t seem to be held back by the restrictions imposed on him by his religious beliefs– not performing on Fridays, bringing his own food to Chefdance rather than chancing a Kosher meal from the kitchen etc. etc. After meeting him I was surprise to read that as a teenager he was a Phish-head who went to a drug rehab and became immersed in religion and reggae shortly thereafter. Everybody has a story.

Stats: I just read an article about liquid diets. Wonder if my Sundance liquid diet counts – a consistent consumption of coffee, Red Bull and alcohol, primarily Patron and TY KU’s yummy new sake…
In addition to that the only substance I ingested was:
Three breakfasts (granola, yogurt and turkey sausage alternating between the MySpace Café and T-Mobile G-1 Diner)
Two lunches (Chili at MySpace Café and a yummy ‘Lemonade Salad’ at the T-Mobile G-1 Diner)
Two dinners (one at Chefdance, the other at Oishi Sushi)
Two 4am meals: An entire bag of chocolate-covered cinnamon gummy bears, a bag of trail mix

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