Upon hearing the news of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, singer and philanthropist Usher Raymond IV is requesting help from the world’s youth.

“I am devastated by the news in Haiti and am calling for youth worldwide to support and offer assistance to the millions of people in that area that are in dire need,” Usher said. “I am currently working with Usher’s New Look, my non-profit organization, to figure out the most effective means of help. I also know that young men and women have asked the same question — ‘How can I help?’ ”

Usher believes that everyone can do something to help people in Haiti.

“With Haiti in a state of emergency right now, young people do have the power to save lives,” he explained. “I am asking young people of all ages to mobilize by organizing local fundraisers with the proceeds going to their peers in Haiti. This is one way we all can make a difference.”

For more information on fundraising and service projects you can visit ushersnewlook.org.

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