Most married couples look forward to Valentine’s Day as a chance to rekindle their romance and remind themselves why they even got together in the first place. But for Portia de Rossi and wife Ellen DeGeneres, it’s really just a time to relax.

For Portia and Ellen, Feb. 14 comes at the end of a long string of important dates and holidays that are of more importance to the couple.

Explains the 35-year-old actress: "We have our anniversary of when we got together, then Christmas, then her birthday [Jan. 25], my birthday [Jan.31], and then Valentine’s Day. So by the end of that whole thing, we are exhausted… and broke."

OK was there as Portia commented on she and the talk show hostess’ new diet, which has caused Ellen to lose a lot of weight.

Perhaps the pair, who married in Beverly Hills on Aug. 16, will have more energy for V-Day now that they’ve made the decision to live a meat-free vegan lifestyle.

"We’ve just made that shift in our lives," Portia explained at a press conference for her upcoming show Better Off Ted. "It’s very easy and a benefit of it is weight loss. It feels like a compassionate choice and we’re such animal lovers."

Turns out that the lovebirds managed to talk each other into giving up on meat and other animal goods. "When Ellen and I got together, I was wearing fur and she was wearing leather," said Portia. "She was giving me a hard time about wearing fur and I said, ‘Why is a fox any more important than a cow?’ We took that idea and went all the way with it. We are doing what we can. We are not perfect. We still have some leather."

In fact, Portia revealed that she’s in the process of creating a vegan shoe line!

By Carole Glines

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