Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend!

As we’re probably all aware, Valentine’s Day is this week! But it’s coming early for me! Unforunately, I’m doing a satellite media tour over Valentine’s Day, so my husband, Patrick Page, and I won’t be able to spend it together. It kind of sucks, but we’ve learned to make it work. We usually stay in touch through iChat. It’s the best, having that video chat and being able to see him and not just talk to him and seeing my puppy. He holds her up! She gets so confused!

I have to say my favorite Valentine’s was a few years ago when he surprised me with a meal at Le Bernardin in New York. It was the best meal I ever had in my whole life! It was a French seafood restaurant and we did the chef tasting menu with the wine pairing. It was just extraordinary! It’s impossible to explain! I mean, it’s really impossible to remember just all of the different ingredients that went into each of the courses. So guys, I suggest you look into this for Thursday!

Have a great week!


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