Vampires are all the rage these days, but who’s got the best bite? OK! chatted with Ethan Hawke and the producers and directors of Daybreakers at the premiere last night, and learned that when it comes to bloodusckers, they think they they’re on top — even against Twilight‘s great and powerful Robert Pattinson!

Since Robert’s Edward Cullen slays his Bella only metaphorically, with love, and Ethan’s character is more of bite’em and leave’em type, Daybreakers producers Sean Furst and Bryan Furst tell OK! Ethan is clearly more of a lady-killer.

“I think Ethan’s body count is a definitely probably a lot higher,” Bryan said.

Meanwhile, directors Peter Speirig and Michael Speirig have confidence in Ethan’s skills as a brawler, even over Rob’s lightning-quick moves and deadly bite.

“That’s a pretty easy answer,” Peter told OK! “I think Ethan could do it with two hands behind his back and blindfolded. This is a film about the reality of vampirism and not the softer, gentler version. Vampires are nasty. They’re dark, they’re scary, and that’s what our vampires are.”

But, Rob does have his youth as Ethan pointed out when asked how he and R-Pattz compare on the screen.

“Oh, I have no idea,” Ethan told OK! “I could be his father.”

Reporting By Valerie Nome

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