Vanessa Carlton isn’t your typical star. She doesn’t want to act; she doesn’t want to sew a clothing line; even perfume holds no appeal.

“I have this little pipe dream of coming out with my own stationary line,” she tells me. “Everyone always comes out with a clothing line or this or that, but no one’s ever done stationary. I think the art of writing notes on paper is this lost art and I’d like to bring it back. I’m a very good doodler.”

One day, she’d like to hear her music on the big screen.

“I’d like to be the go-to person – orchestrator, arranger and writer for film scores,” she says. “That will be another chapter of my career. It’s kind of a boys’ club, and there are only a few men. They’re all in their forties and fifties and they’ve been doing it forever. I would like to be one of those people. I’ll have to earn it, but I believe in it. Every film I hear about that’s being made, I’ll write so many melodies for the film, but then I never have time because I’m still releasing records under my name. That’s a big goal.”

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