At the Ugly Betty premiere party at Highbar in NYC on Tuesday night, Vanessa Williams opened up on the upcoming season, dishing on working with Lindsay Lohan, her best baby tips for co-star Rebecca Romijn, and what we can expect from her characer Wilhelmina Slater this season.


On working with Lindsay Lohan: I think she was shocked by all the hours we work. In TV, with all the setups and characters we have, it’s not a cushy job. I think she not only rose to the ocassion but did a really good job. I think people will be pleased. She makes a great transition from Kimmie, who is working a Flushing Burger, to working for me at Mode, and I think people will enjoy seeing her progress.


Her best baby tip for Rebecca Romijn: The first few days, your nipples get chewed off. Because they are so sore, one of the best reliefs is taking a [black] tea bag and putting [it on] as a compress. The tannin [in the tea] really soothes the breast.
What she gave her co-star as baby gifts: One of my girlfriends has a baby company called Green Baby, it’s an organic cotton baby line, so I give everybody, [as]soon as they know, they get a set. For both girls, she’s got a whole stack to put them in.

On what’s next for Wilhelmina this season on Ugly Betty
: She’s still having the baby, it’s still in the oven and everything’s cooking. She loves her job, as much as she scrapples to be number one, she loves being creative, and she loves fashion and the people that she works with. As long as she has that venue, I think she’ll be fine. If she didn’t have her work, which might be something down the line, she’d be devastated.

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