I’m finally recovering from post-Vegas coma. As previously stated I went to Las Vegas for the weekend for the opening of Lavo Restaurant and Nightclub in The Palazzo Resort Hotel and Casino. To be honest, I was at first a bit ambivalent going back to the irony that I’m an events writer who doesn’t particularly care for being in crowded nightclubs. That said, I ended up having an amazing time, thanks in no small part to the club’s co-owner Noah Tepperberg and Andrew Goldberg who works on his team. Big thanks for taking care of me all weekend – and letting me dance perched safely on the banquette behind their table. From my birds eye view I could see Busta Rhymes rap live in the DJ booth directly behind me with DJ Vice as will.i.am looked on, Kevin Connolly sitting back at the neighboring table while his ex Nicky Hilton danced with her current beau David Katzenberg and Paris dancing with her beau Benj standing smoking cigarettes beside her. Shannen Doherty was there with girlfriends but ended up at Jamie Foxx’s table and K-Fed skipped jetting back to LA for his kids birthday for another night playing at the club.

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