Vera Wang for Sale
My first foray with ebay

I’m so not a morning girl, but… Tuesday morning I was up at 7:30 a.m. to get to Showroom Seven, where my sometimes roommate Amber works, before it opened for appointments. I needed the use of a mannequin.

Going out as often as I do I need to wear a lot of dresses — at last rough count I had 93 — yet every so often I stand in front of my closet whining, “I have nothing to wear.” Since I’m obviously disenchanted with many of my clothes, have a penchant for loud dresses with patterns that can’t be worn more than a couple of times because they’re so recognizable and sometimes just make rash purchases because "they’re a good deal," (my dad complains that when I shop at a sale I act like I made money because I brag about how much I saved rather than think about how much I spent), it was suggested I clean out my closet and put the pricier purchases up on ebay — the rest are in bags to carry down to the Bowery Mission.

I’ve never ebayed dresses before but I was told the first step is to properly photograph them on a mannequin before listing. So, after spending the morning clumsily dressing mannequins, there are some new Vera Wang gowns (that I bought because they were a bargain but never got around to making the drastic alterations they would require me to actually wear them), a very yellow Ginger & Java dress that I wore to the VMAs two years ago (and never again) and a few others all ready to go up for sale on ebay. Now I’ve got to figure out how to post them — project for the weekend.

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