Even though Billy Ray Cyrus had already opened up to OK! about the scandal surrounding the Vanity Fair cover featuring his 15-year-old daughter, pop superstar Miley Cyrus, in nothing but a sheet, the country singer went on TV for the first time on Tuesday morning to give his side of the story.

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“I didn’t know they were gonna strip her down and wrap her in a blanket,” Cyrus said on the Today show Tuesday morning, claiming that he had been at the shoot earlier in the day, but had to leave after posing for a few shots for celeb photog Annie Leibovitz.

“I had just finished a movie down in Florida. I flew in because Annie had specifically asked that I come in and do a shot with Miley," he continued. "I had worked with her before. She’s a great lady. She’s a good person, a great photographer. I was scheduled to be in Washington state the next day to play for the troops returning from Iraq and then the next day in Anchorage, Alaska.”

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