Bradley Cooper worked hard to reach his hot Hollywood status. While he was getting his MFA at NYU’s acting school, Bradley worked as a doorman in an NYC hotel, he told David Letterman on The Late Show last night. “There were three candles in the lobby and they said, ‘Always keep them lit,'” Bradley told Dave. “But the door would open and they would go out so I spent most of my time trying to relight those candles.”

It was while fooling around with candles that Bradley came across an ad in the newspaper for an acting gig as the host of Discovery Channel’s Globe Trekkers. Bradley was hired for the gig and traveled the world narrating the different adventures.

Glob trotting was not easy, and Bradley often had to endure rough terrain and weather conditions.

“The idea was that you were not an expert and they loved that and they wanted to watch you suffer,” he said.

Today, he is one of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs. What a journey.

Bradley 10 years ago, hosting the Discovery Channel’s Globe Trekkers.

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