Clint Eastwood may be 79-years-old, but that doesn’t mean he’s not up on pop culture. In fact, he loves it! In an interview with MTV News, Clint said, “Oh, yeah, now you’re getting really exciting,” when the legendary actor/director was asked which hot acts he likes!

Apart from making almost a hundred movies, Clint has three children (one is 12) and two grandchildren (one is 15) and that, he said, is what helps keep him young!

So what does Clint think about Taylor Swift?

“Taylor Swift? I kind of like her,” he revealed. “I have [listened to her music]; I was listening to some the other day. And I think I like her.”

He’s 79 and he listens to Taylor Swift!

You’d think the teeth-clenching Oscar-winning filmmaker wouldn’t care who Taylor was, but that’s definitely not the case. He said it’s very important to him to be able to connect with the nation’s youth.

“I’d be pretty embarrassed if I’m going, ‘Taylor who?’ ” Clint said. “Sometimes you listen to pop radio, just to see what’s going on. You don’t necessarily have to embrace it, but you want to know what’s going on, so when you mention Taylor Swift, at least I can say, ‘Yeah, I know who she is.’ ”

Taylor isn’t the only star Clint listens to right now. Lady Gaga is on his list too!

“I know [Gaga] is very big, he said. “I know she’s very important, and my kids have listened to her too.”

The Gran Torino star may keep up on today’s pop culture, but he still believes jazz great Charlie Parker is the ultimate best.

“I didn’t switch off of a jazz station to hear it,” he said. “But you listen to things because the kids are listening to them.”

So nice of him to think of the kids, but still pretty funny to picture him humming along to Taylor and Gaga!

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