Extra‘s Teri Seymour spent some quality time with David Hasselhoff in Las Vegas — perhaps a little too much quality time.

See, this wasn’t a typical interview for the correspondent; instead of sitting down in a studio for five minutes, the unlikely duo was left locked alone in a hotel room at Planet Hollywood… for 12 hours!

The experiment started out innocently enough — they played video games, ate hamburgers, etc. But soon enough, they were getting massages and being entertained by two Vegas comedy staples Carrot Top and Penn & Teller.

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But things really got out of hand when the Baywatch hunk got down on his knees and asked Teri to marry him! The only hitch: Teri is dating American Idol‘s Simon Cowell.

To find out if these two took a trip down the aisle, check out Extra on Wednesday and Thursday!

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