It takes a lot of chutzpa to throw a punch at Sir Elton John. But at Tuesday night’s GQ Awards in London, that’s exactly what Lily Allen did– verbally anyway.

The legendary performer, 61, and the "Smile" singer were there to host the awards ceremony, but as the night progressed, Allen became increasingly more interested in the free champagne than presenting the awards.

At one point, she stumbled over her cue, to which Elton leered, "Are you going to have another drink?" Allen rolled her eyes and responded, "F**k off, Elton."

As the night progressed, it was painfully obvious from Elton’s face that the two had had enough of each other. The final straw seemed to be when the 23-year-old singer insulted Elton’s age, to which he shot back, "I could still snort you under the table!"

So much for good showmanship!


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