After having two children together, 2-year-old Harlow Winter Kate and 5-month-old Sparrow James Midnight, Nicole Richie and Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden took to the The Late Show with David Letterman on Friday to announce their long awaited engagement and gush on motherhood.

“We actually recently are engaged, yes,” Nicole confirmed to David on the CBS late night talk show, which was originally taped on Monday, Feb. 15.

The mom of two explained how different her life is after babies, telling the host that, “Your whole life changes.  Your priorities change one hundred percent. In the best way possible.”

And the 28-year-old now clothing designer also gushed on milestones with her brood.

“Harlow loves [Sparrow], she loves him so much, everything he does, like right now he is learning how to sit up and she looks at him and says, ‘Oh, Sparrow you are so cute.’ It’s sweet.”

With a  ring on her finger, Nicole admits that motherhood is, “fun,” although she had some fears about introducing Sparrow to Harlow.

“I was concerned about that because everyone made me nervous…. But it’s just not there.  She loves him so much.  She adores him and he adores here and he tries to show off for her,” Nicole revealed of her babies dynamic.

Nicole was formerly engaged to the late DJ AM in 2005.

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