Rihanna attended The 2009 Women of the Year hosted by Glamour magazine on Monday at Carnegie Hall in NYC. The “Russian Roulette” singer was presented with “The Back-On-Top Superstar” award. Rihanna wiped away a tear when model Iman presented her with the award, blurting out, “Sorry, I’m PMS-ing.”

The Barbados-born star wore a rather complicated white dress to the awards that she admitted was the “tightest thing she could find,” but still looked lovely.

The singer now serves as a role model to domestic abuse, a brave role which Iman praised, saying, “Now I am even more impressed with her dignity and courage,” the Associated Press reports.

Rihanna included a “Shout out to Amy” in her speech after the comedian Amy Poehler cracked the audience up as she directed her acceptance speech for “The Entertainer” award to the “young girls in the balcony.”

“Girls, if boys say something that isn’t funny… you donit have to laugh,” advised the Parks and Recreation star.

Other stars honored by Glamour included Maya Angelou, Jane Aronson, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, Marissa Mayer, Stella McCartneySusan Rice, Maria Shriver, Serena Williams and The Women of Iran’s One Million Signature Campaign.

Other presenters included Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Matt Lauer, Christiane Amanpour, Katie Couric, Tyra Banks, Lorne Michaels, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison, Barbara Starkey and President Bill Clinton.

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