White House party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi are confident President Barack Obama will have their back because they claim they were invited guests. “I am certain we’ll be completely exonerated,” Tareq said. The alleged crashers say they have the emails to prove it!

Michaele and Tareq spoke this morning on Today to try and clear their names, but since they are under investigation by the White House they aren’t allowed to say much.

“This has been the most devastating thing that’s ever happened to us,” Tareq said. “We’re greatly saddened by all the circumstances that have been involved in portraying my wife and I as party crashers. I can tell you my wife and I did not party crash the White House.”

Once they’re allowed to prove it, they will!

“We’re going to show you documentation from emails that you’ll get a chance to see. In our views, it’s clear to us,” Tareq added. “Based on the timeline, I think the American public is actually going to be extremely surprised with all the details that went from beginning to end into what was supposed to be a lovely, beautiful evening, a lifetime memory.”

The potential Real Housewives of D.C. couple were asked by Matt Lauer about their party crashing past and the report that they were uninvited and escorted out of the Congressional Black Caucus dinner on Sept. 26.

“We were invited,” Tareq stated. “We were invited there by the Gardner Law Group. We were a guest of theirs, a proud guest of theirs. Were we escorted out? No. That’s another gossip rumor, just unfortunately how this story got started.”

The couple also wanted people to know that they were appearing on Today without being paid for it and they are not White House crashers.

“We were invited — not crashers,” Michaele said. “There isn’t anyone that would have the audacity or the poor behavior to do that. The White House is the house and no one would do that. And certainly not us.”

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