Students at Lake Highlands High School in Dallas, Tx, erupted into ear-splitting screams when, out of the blue, Will Smith and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo walked into their gymnasium on Tuesday during a pep rally.

The rally was for the school’s state-bound volleyball team and bi-district champion football team. Smith, who was in town to promote his new film Seven Pounds, decided to stop by and surprise the students, telling them it was his first visit to a high school "in years."

Smith and Romo walked to the center of the gym, where the I Am Legend star asked Romo, "How’s the pinkie?" He then gave the students a inspirational pep talk, recounting what mentor Quincey Jones told him when he was first starting out.

"He told me you have to be fearless….fearless and relentless," Smith told the crowd of screaming teens. Romo, who dates Jessica Simpson, talked about the doubts he had trying to make it as a free agent and becoming the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Just before the duo left, Smith had one more message: "Every single day of your life, I want you to make somebody better," he said.

They left to a rousing ovation, as the marching band played one of Smith’s R&B hits.

Although the visit was supposed to be a surprise, word had leaked that Romo and someone else would be at the pep rally.


As a group of women (probably football players’ mothers) walked out of the gym, I overheard one of them say, "I thought it would be Tony and Jessica. This was even better!"


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