At Vivica A. Fox‘s birthday party last night at New York hotspot Sol, she talked about her current relationship status. She told OK!, ‘I’m telling you I’m so single it’s ridiculous. But you know what, it’s okay that I’m single because right now I’m being really productive and I’m being a producer. But you know, I’m taking applications.’Looking stunning at 43 in a tight black dress, she opened up about just what she needs in a man, ‘I’m really taking my time to get to know a person to make sure he’s got a good heart. I used to be very physical, but now I’m looking for a guy with a good heart who is equally yolked.’For those looking to apply to be on Vivica’s arm she further explained her requirements: ‘I think a lot of women we accept those who are not equally yolked and it says it in the Bible that you’re supposed to be with someone who is equally yolked or you’re supposed to be with someone who can take as equally care of you as you of them. And being a woman who has a little bit of stature and I’ve got a little bit in my bank account I should meet a man who does, cause I got expensive taste.’Once she went inside the party, she rocked out and ate a cake in the shape of a car- a joke about her DUI arrest earlier this year. At least she has a sense of humor.By Jocelyn VenaPhoto: Wireimage

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