Vivica A. Fox appears in the twisted thriller Cover, which opens in select theaters Friday. She hopes to educate women not to turn a blind eye to the infidelities of their mates.

“I tell women to always be inquisitive and always follow your first mind,” the 43-year-old actress says. “If your woman instinct tells you ‘something ain’t right,’ girl, check it out. Sometimes we have a tendency to trust if you’ve been with him for a long time or he’s taking care of everything. Sometimes you’ve just gotta follow your instincts to make sure that everything is all right. Don’t ignore it because he’s taking care of the bills. I hope this film teaches everyone not to trust anybody and practice safe sex. Look out for you first, at all times. ”

Has she witnessed downlow men in Hollywood?

“Oh, sure. I have a lot of friends in the fashion industry and the entertainment industry in general. The reason I like having my gay boyfriends is because they can tell you which ones be playing for both clubs. Mmhm. You appreciate that. He’ll be like ‘suspect, suspect!’ over there.”

Being smart and savvy is Vivica’s way.

“Sometimes in life you’ve gotta learn to laugh because it can deal you some cards some days,” she says. “There’s a reason for every season.”


Watch out for Tomorrow Montgomery in the flick. (Her dad works with Prince Charming!)

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