Even though she’s a glamorous actress, the prestige of judging Miss Universe is not lost on Vivica A. Fox. She’s getting ready for tonight’s pageant in many ways.

“I’m not one of the participants, but, as a judge, you want to make sure that you show up pageant-ready,” Vivica, 47, explains. “I worked with stylists and I’ve got a beautiful gown that I’m going to wear and I’ve been dieting. I’m working on my fitness, drinking my water, and I’ve got my hair and makeup beauty squad with me, so that I show up camera-ready.”

Even though she’s pulling out all the stops for Miss Universe, Vivica is no slouch when it comes to keeping her skin beautiful.

“Once a month, I do microdermabrasion facials,” she says. “I love to be in the sun, I work out and I sweat, so once a month I always get a microdermabrasion facial and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, ladies. Drink plenty of water. It’s good for flushing and for keeping you looking refreshed.”

Although Vivica has never participated in a beauty pageant, she has participated in “tons” of fashion shows.

“Whatever happens, the show must go on,” she tells me. “If you slip or if something falls over, keep putting your best face forward.”

She shares her most embarrassing modeling moment.

“I didn’t have a nip slip or anything like that, but there was one time that they didn’t tuck my tags and that was a little embarrassing that the tags were showing. I was a young model at the time. I love how the commentators said, ‘Well, that’s all right, we know that she’s modeling fashions from one of the local stores.’ I kept strutting like nothing was going on.”

When Vivica judges, she’s looking for beauty and authenticity.

“Personally, I don’t like to see a stiff Barbie doll,” she says. “I like to see a beautiful woman that can be relatable, that’s down-to-earth because you have to realize that Miss Universe, she’s going to be representing and dealing with something that is affecting the world worldwide with HIV, AIDS, and awareness. She’s going to have to embrace some situations that are probably going to be a little uncomfortable for someone who’s used to being perfect, who’s used to always being beautiful in that she’s going to see people that are suffering. For her to be likeable, to be approachable, and to be down-to-earth and relatable is something that is going to endear her to me, besides her outer beauty.”

Good luck to Miss USA Alyssa Campanella as she competes in the Miss Universe Pageant. Go get ‘em! (I was a preliminary judge for Miss USA.)

Catch the Miss Universe Pageant airing live from Sao Paolo, Brazil, tonight at 9pm on NBC.

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