This year’s MTV Video Music Award’s host Russell Brand is in big trouble in the UK over prank calls he made during his radio show.

The BBC has been forced to apologise to a 78-year-old man after Russell — who had to say sorry to the Jonas Brothers for mocking their promise rings at the VMAs — left "obscene messages" on his answer machine, claiming he’d had sex with the man’s granddaughter.


Very classy, Russell!

The comic was due to do a phone interview with actor Andrew Sachs, who starred in classic Brit sitcom Fawlty Towers in the 70s.


But when the septogenarian didn’t pick up, Russell and his studio guest — Britain’s biggest chat show host, Jonathon Ross — recorded several smutty messages about 23-year-old Georgina Baillie, a model.


It started when Ross interupted Russell’s message by shouting, "he f***ed your granddaughter," and when they called again to "apologise," Russell said he had "used a condom," before calling yet again to say "it was consensual, lovely sex".

The BBC has already apologised, and Russell and Ross are expected to make their own statements soon.


The pair, two of the BBC’s highest-paid hosts, may be fined by the company and could face criminal charges if Mr. Sach’s complains to police.

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