At 17, actress Brittany Robertson is already on top of her game and can be seen in Dan in Real Life with Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche and Dane Cook. “Just to have scenes with them and watch them and observe them as a young actress…" the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty tells OK!, "It’s really inspiring.”

And one cast-mate in particular wowed her from the very beginning. “Dianne Wiest is the most inspiring woman,” Brittany says. “She is one of the most wonderful actors I have ever met.”

Aside from a handful of independent films and roles on TV, Dan in Real Life marks Britanny’s first shot at true stardom — and she tells OK! she’s been preparing her whole life for this moment. “When I was younger, I loved entertaining,” the South Carolina native explains. “I would always entertain my parents and put on shows for everyone.” And what she love most about acting is that it allows her to experience “certain aspects of life that you wouldn’t get to or enjoy doing.”

Acting may be her destiny, but this recent high school graduate plans to go to college and major in something outside of the entertainment industry. For now, she’s staying in Hollywood but in two years, she will follow in the footsteps of her “dream leading lady” Natalie Portman and head to Harvard University. “She did a great job of becoming a child star and growing up to be a wonderful adult actor,” Brittany gushes. “You don’t see her in the media in a negative light and she has an amazing education. She has kind of the ideal career.”

Unlike the infamous pop star with a similar first name, this Brittany doesn’t get caught up in the Hollywood scene. “I don’t like going to parties with people I don’t really know or aren’t really friends with,” the teen mentions. “I would rather stay at home with close friends and kickback around my neck of the woods.”


By Alisandra Puliti

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