Any girl, single or married, would dream of spending a day on the set of either Prison Break, with the likes of Wentworth Miller and Amaury Nolasco, or Las Vegas, with Josh Duhamel and James Lesure. For Camille Guaty, that is just a regular day at the office! She may have left the scruff and roughness of Prison Break for the clean-cut boys of Las Vegas, but Camille likes her man somewhere in the middle. “I like a guy who takes care of himself, but doesn’t take longer to get ready than I do,” this single gal tells OK!

As for her newfound home in Sin City as Piper, a possible love interest for James Lesure’s character, she says the cast could not have been more welcoming though they may need to get her name right. “No one calls me by my name by the way,” she laughs. “Everyone calls me Piper, but it’s Camille, thanks!” They certainly remembered when it came time to pranking her by decorating her actor’s chair with all her shortcomings — junk food, gems, magazines.

Even though this Jersey girl was super sick on her first day, Camille is a pro in every sense. Having gotten her start on PopStars on the WB and most recently being in the Nine and Prison Break, she proves she is a talent that can get the job done, sniffles or not. “My mom said to not go and call in sick,” Camille says. “I was like, ‘Call in sick, wow Mom, that would be a genius idea,’ let me just hold down production!’ ”

She did listen to mom and dad about going to college though. “My parents always thought acting was a hobby of mine, and they didn’t want me to major in it,” this Boston University grad explains. “When I graduated, I said, ‘Here is the diploma for you guys, and I’m off to do my dream.’”

Her dream is now her reality and she is winning big in Las Vegas and when she gets time off she would love to backpack through Europe or take a nice little trip to Tahiti! That Camille, is well deserved!

By Alisandra Puliti

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