Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, to hippies, it is quite ironic that Jud Tylor would be in a movie with the word war in it. Though her household was filled with peace and love, Jud does an exceptional job in Charlie Wilson’s War opposite Tom Hanks. “It was a little more than intimidating to work with a multiple Academy Award-winning actor,” Jud (pronounced Jude) tells OK! “I was picturing him in drag on Bosom Buddies to calm myself down.”

Sure, Tom Hanks has an astounding resume in front of the camera, but at 28, Jud isn’t doing so bad herself. Having been on Two and a Half Men, What About Brian and a ton more television, she loves it all. “I enjoy both comedy and drama, and have had memorable experiences in both film and TV,” she explains. But, she remarks, working with Tom Hanks and Mike Nichols was a highlight.

Living in the midst of Hollywood, it reminds her of her hometown, which she left four years ago. The blonde beauty says, “I love the weather in L.A., and I can drive 20 minutes to the beach, hike minutes from my house or go snowboarding a couple hours away.”

As for that little girl growing up, it would be hard to tell by looking at her, but she laughs, “I guess I was a bit of a tomboy. I liked to catch frogs in the ditch, play soccer with my brother’s friends and play video games.”

It wasn’t long until the girlie side came out and the frilly outfits beat the matchbox cars. “I guess I always knew I liked to play dress up.”

And with a promising acting career, Jud will be able to play dress up for many years to come.

By Alisandra Puliti

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