It’s been two years in the making, but Oscar Isaac is finally seeing his HBO movie PU-239 come to fruition on Nov. 17.

“I play Shiv, a man that’s in way over his head with this new criminal life in the wild west of post-Soviet Union,” Oscar explains to OK! about his role in the film. As for if he was a troublemaker growing up, the 27-year-old says, “I was expelled from a private school and constantly suspended from high school for stupid stuff.”

Do not be fooled by his class-clown antics, Oscar attended the renowned Juilliard School of Music. But even though he learned a ton from his four years there, he says, “I sometimes feel I learned just as much from watching Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon.” As for another of his idols, “I also adore Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy and in pretty much anything else.”

And it’s only a matter of time until aspiring young actors look up to this Florida native, who tells OK! he always knew he was destined for show business. “I grabbed my dad’s old VHS camera and started making my own mini epics in my backyard,” Oscar recalls.

And now, in addition to PU-239, which was executive-produced by George Clooney, Oscar also just finished Body of Lies with Leonardo DiCaprio, who he says is “an incredibly friendly, humble and down-to-earth guy… Our first day out, we were joking around and improvising and just having a good time.”

For this self-professed “homebody,” Oscar better soak up his Ping-Pong and family now because OK! can guarantee he’ll be inundated with scripts any second now!


By Alisandra Puliti

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