For Terry Serpico, who plays Frank Sherwood on the hit series Army Wives, art definitely imitates life. Born an army brat, he has lived on five army bases and knows the army world in and out. Terry, whose mom was an army wife for 26 years, tells OK!, “I didn’t really have to work so hard to prepare for [this role] because it is a part of me; it’s in my blood.”


Not only has Terry found such success on the small screen, he has been in an abundance of movies, 22 to be exact. “I guess it is that old adage of that overnight success, 10 years in the making,” he laughs because, though he has been acting since he graduated SUNY Purhcase ’89, he didn’t really get his break until ’96 in Donnie Brasco with Al Pacino. Since then his career has been smooth sailing appearing with Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter and Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta in Ladder 49, just to name a couple.


He now can be seen playing Mr. Iker opposite George Clooney in Michael Clayton. “He is such a pleasure and so kind and considerate,” Terry says of his costar. As for Terry, who when Ok! chatted with him, was shopping for shoes, he also is so down-to-earth and a great guy. This father of two owes much of his success to his wife Erin. He gushes, “My wife particularly has been so supportive and on numerous occasions has made adjustments to her schedule or dropped something that she was looking forward to doing in order to facilitate something that I do.”


Don’t expect Terry’s plate to ease anytime soon: he starts filming with one of his idols, Robert DeNiro next week for the movie, Righteous Kill also with his former costar on Donnie Brasco, Al Pacino. Though he has never met Robert, he says, “I suppose as goofy as it sounds, he reminds me a lot of my dad with that same command presence and that stern face, but I will not say that to him!” After filming this movie, it’s back to South Carolina to start the second season of Army Wives. Stay tuned to see Terry everywhere!


By: Alisandra Puliti

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