My fifth waltz with Sundance started by getting scammed. A friend of mine found a deal for a Sundance house that looked too good to be true – and apparently it was. Unfortunately we didn’t learn this until we/I Western Unioned a sizeable deposit to the criminal Craigslist poster and then got to the house where we were meeting our host – and he never showed up. My friend whipped out the faxed and signed contract, which could have easily been purchased from Office Max. We called, no answer and no voicemail, likely a phone as disposable as the contract. So there we were, sitting in a taxi cab from the airport, sweaters and skis in toe and no place to go.

We hit Craigslist again and like the extreme highs and lows of my luck pattern, stumbled across Emily and Paul, a physical therapist and Cold Stone Creamery owner who live in town, were renting out one of their spacious homes – and were open to negotiate a fee based on party invites! Something I know a bit about 😉

We started paying our debt by bringing them along to Tao, a satellite of the mega nightclub NYC nightlife impresarios Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss own in Las Vegas.

Each time they recreate their club elsewhere (annually in Sundance, in Denver for the DNC…) it’s better and better, each time taking a raw space and giving it the Tao feel with more innately Tao detail. But, the best part about when we went there for afterhours last night (at that point very much needing a cocktail), was that it was packed with friends and familiar faces, some that I only see at Sundance.

I knew the first night would be a bit slow celeb-wise so instead I focused on friends, and scoping out the boys. One very cute boy walked by and caught my attention – but I was quickly informed the cute boy was Robin Thicke. Oh, his wife Paula Patton is pretty cute too. Next. Chalk it up to my first celeb-sighting in Sundance – in addition to Danny Masterson, who was deejaying.

Ok, off to interview Christie Brinkley about being the Got Milk spokesperson. Back atcha later from not so terribly freezing Sundance 😉 xo

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