Yesterday I was inspired, but tired- and I fell asleep before blogging. So here’s Wednesday’s inspirational blog a day late…

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Last night Sarah and I went to a rare and intimate George Michael/Aretha Franklin concert at Wall Street Cipriani to benefit UNICEF.

While we were at the party, right after Sarah asked me how many concerts like this I’d been to (quite a few) we talked about how lucky we are that our jobs lead us to do such amazing things. We’re both guilty of sometimes rolling our eyes after saying we have to go to (insert fabulous celebrity-laden event here) rather than sit on our couch with takeout and TV, but at the end of the day we both agreed that we’re extremely gracious for the opportunities to do, see and experience things that although normal to us, we appreciate aren’t really all that ‘normal.’

After reading a book that suggested it leads to a happier life, I began a practice where (nearly) every night I write down what I did and what I’m grateful for that day. Thinking of at least one thing per day that you’re grateful for helps keep things in perspective, good and bad, and things are often appreciated more in reflection.  The message in this babble…be gracious and make the most of today, and everyday. Oh, and as George Michael sang (while I was already weepy, probably from too many of Ciprianis famous belliinis) “You’ve gotta have faith, faith faith…” 😉 xo

PS: Last week I started this theme with Richard Branson, a man anyone who reads this blog with any regularity is aware inspires me almost daily. Ironically, or is it, coincidentally, I ran into Sir Branson twice in 24 hours! After the sliding doors moment of running into him Tuesday at Soho House, I was happy to also see him at the dinner last night- where Sarah Ferguson (who was auctioning off a Maserati to raise money for the charity) teased the airline owner about whether he even knows how to drive a car.

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