In 48 hours I’ll be on a jet plane en route to LA. The difference this time – I have a one-way ticket.

Last night my co-workers had a going away party for me at Pop Burger in Midtown. We consumed more champagne than bite-size burgers and things got interesting quickly. I waltzed in the walkway, poorly. Here is where one of my colleagues dropped me after a dip gone bad. All I could do was laugh.

Tonight my friends are throwing a not-so-surprise party for me at La Zarza, a new restaurant in the East Village. I just had my hair highlighted, cut and styled at Christo Salon by Christo himself and now I’m home and about to put on my pretty, yellow, summery dress. I’m already in LA in spirit. By the time you read this I’ll probably already be at the party. Tomorrow’s my last day in the office and then I pack, have lunch with the fam and go.

The dose of inspiration I have to impart this Wednesday: Our lives are what we make of them and if something doesn’t feel right, change it. If you’re bored, spice things up. People have asked me a lot the last few days why I’m moving to LA and my answer alternates between, “Why not?” “Because I can” and “Sunshine.” Change is good and I’m super excited for my next chapter. As Natasha Bedingfield sings in a song off her album aptly titled “Pocket Full of Sunshine,”


Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

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