TV Fanatic breaks down your fave show of the night: Project Runway!


Project Runway: “Poor Sweet P! She always seemed to get shafted when it comes to pairing up (remember spit-marking Elisa?). The designers were put into groups of two to create an avant garde look based on their models’ hairstyles. I actually thought the pairs were pretty perfect: Rami and Sweet P. Kit and Ricky. Victorya and Jillian. Dream team Christian and Chris. Please! The other teams needed to pack their bags and head home. I mean, how fast do these guys sew? I think they could have made their dress, their ready-to-wear look, and refashioned Victorya and Jillian’s eighties-inspired, equestrian jacket into an every day look! But I digress.


They all start sewing and Rami starts bossing Sweet P around because he wants to make yet anotherone of his asymmetrically draped gowns. Change it up once and a while Rami, will yah? Victorya and Jillian, who seem to always have trouble with time management, are chomping at the bit to finish their design in two days. But on the second day, all the groups are thrown for a loop when they are asked to make that ready-to-wear version of their original piece. Victorya and Jillian look like they are both going to throw up. See, I told you they were perfectly paired!


It’s actually a saving grace for Sweet P, who concentrates all her energies into a cute, silver mini-dress. It’s runway time, and after the show, Rami/Sweet P and Kit/Ricky are the bottom two. Chris and Christian win for their amazing, intricately layered, golden goddess gown. F-I-E-R-C-E! The judges rant about Rami’s one-note draping design technique and totally rip Kit a new one for her Little Bo Peep gown gone haywire. In the end, she’s outta of there. At least she could hide under that big petticoat if she needed to cry it out.” – TV Fanatic


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