Project Runway: Finally, the designers are getting bi-otchy! As the final seven worked on their challenge, creating a look from hundreds of Levis jeans and jackets hung in a dirty warehouse, they started to reveal how they really feel about the competition. The biggest annoyance seems to be Christian. As Chris wisely put it, “He’s immature.” And Christian certainly was, whining over the fact that Ricky should have been long gone and other petty things. Loved it when Chris said, “Someone get him a bottle.” But Christian wasn’t the only one pouting. Jillian got into the mix when she told Chris how it disturbs her when he talks to his designs. Yikes! It was about time the designers started to get on each other’s nerves. There really hasn’t been a clearly defined ingénue, villain or eccentric this season, and that’s half the fun.


The challenge is over much too quick for Jillian, who barely finished her outfit (nothing new there!) and winds up with a half-ass coat. So does Victorya. Ladies, in the last challenge you sent an amazing couture coat down the runway. There was no way you could have topped that. And neither did. They were both in the bottom two with Victorya (rightfully!) being cut from the competition. Sweet P and Ramy‘s dresses were both adorable! Ricky declared that he was going to ace this challenge, and he did. His strapless, meticulously sewn mini jean dress was da bomb. I’ve already put in my order for the limited edition piece! – TV Fanatic

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