OK!‘s Derek Ivie and Elizabeth Herr break down the best shows of the night: American Idol and ANTM


American Idol: "Kristy Lee Cook kicked things off for the ladies with “Rescue Me” and was completely out of her element. This is a belter’s song — you don’t gotta ape Aretha (why would you even try?), but you do gotta bring it. Kristy’s in trouble. I really wanted to like hometown girl Joanne Borgella (Hoboken represent!), but her “I Say a Little Prayer” was shaky and uninspired. Alaina Whitaker, the youngest contestant, did a mostly good job with “More Today Than Yesterday,” wiping the floor with Chikezie, who sang the song on Tuesday. Then there’s Amanda Overmyer, who, was she even singing in English? I think I made out an “oh, chile” in there somewhere. And that scatting, ugh. It was painful and show-offy. Simon and Paula actually called her warmed-over Janis Joplin shtick authentic. Whatever, she wasn’t the worst of the night. That honor goes to Amy Davis, who, when faced with the rich musical legacy of the ’60s, chose to sing “Where the Boys Are,” a remedy for insomnia in the hands of a good singer, which Amy decidedly is not. At least the camera loves her, eh, Paula?

    I’m still feeling Brooke White. Her “Happy Together” was good in a slightly off-kilter way, and what the judges said of her in Hollywood, that she has a singer-songwriter vibe, is true. Her CD will totally be on sale at a Starbucks near you someday. Alexandréa Lushington’s “Spinning Wheel” was pleasingly unusual. She has a nice, jazzy thing going on, but she kept switching weirdly between a belt and a falsetto. Not much to say about Kady Malloy, who chose another snoozer, “Groovy Kind of Love,” and is in a close race with Kristy for second worst of the evening.
The final four performers were in a completely different league than everything else. Asia’h Epperson, nice and loose on “Piece of My Heart,” was great precisely because she sounds nothing like Janis Joplin. Ramiele Malubay sang the clichéd (for this show) “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” but still blew everyone away, and Syesha Mercado continued to prove her chops with a sizzling “Tobacco Road.” And the show’s great Irish hope, Carly Smithson, overcame a pretty bad case of the flu to hit just about every note on “The Shadow of Your Smile.” Simon was tough on her, but knowing him like I do, it was reverse psychology to get people voting for her.
    Going into tonight’s results shows, I predict we’ll be seeing the last of Kristy Lee Cook (unless her bronchitis garners her the sympathy vote, in which case Kady Malloy will probably get the boot instead), Amy Davis, Chikezie and Garrett Haley." — Elizabeth  


America’s Next Top Model: "So here is my problem with last night’s episode.  They used to make it so that the casting episode was followed by a regular episode of the show.  They broke the two up last cycle and they are doing it again this cycle.  Annoying.  We have all seen which girls have been selected on the website, so why must we watch the process unfold when we already know how it will turn out? Granted I watched every second of it making sure to note that Anya is not foreign, she is just an exaggerated character from Lilo and Stitch. (Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride!) So all the models were talking about how hot they are and how they really wanted it and how they have been through so much. Marvita… why are you back? Ya nasty! Here is a question: do they send all these angry girls to the same place to get help and to calm their dark side? First it was Tiffany, then it was that hot bitch Jaslene and now it is Marvita.  Dear Marvita, You’re still angry! Love, Derek.  You know she is going to be up in people’s faces screaming about the phone! I am most excited about Claire from New York. She is edgy and cool and has a high fashion editorial look. I like Allison because during her interviews she was sitting like a guy and she kind of reminded me of Sarah Silverman. Fatima is beautiful and I am sorry over what she had to go through in Somalia, but she better watch her mouth because someone is going to take her down (Paging Marvita?). Whitney is representing the plus sized girls and I am very excited about this.  I think she will rock it, but I thought that of Sarah last season and the wench got the boot.  Amy is now Amis and I like it. Kimberly worries me and I think she is going to be like Mila from last cycle. Lauren is going to be a lost soul like last cycle’s Heather. Stacy Ann is really cute and spunky so that is always good. The competition looks really, dare I say it, fierce this cycle.  I can’t wait for the "real" first episode.  I need photo shoots baby!" — Derek


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