TV Fanatic breaks down your fave show of the night!

Private Practice: “Another episode tied together by baby drama! Addison is craving a husband/kids, and can’t believe that patient Angie (Kimberly Elise) doesn’t want one with her loving husband Ray, until she learns that Angie has avoided being tested for deadly Huntington’s Disease, paralyzed by the fear she’ll pass it on to her offspring. Unfortunately, she does have it, but it’s so cool that Ray still wanted have a baby with his wife, reinforcing the belief that true love can conquer anything. Only problem with having Kimberly guest star on your show? She’s so good, it’s easy to see other actors’ performance weaknesses. Dell is easily the most awesome  character in this ensemble. The early morning riser sees things that other’s easily miss, including that Cooper’s teen patient Tess covers the bruises inflicted by her mother Marilyn by wearing long sleeves, just like he did as a child. He may be young, but this boy is wise beyond his years. I just want to skip to the season finale to see him make his move on Naomi. Despite her protests that he’s too young, I don’t think she’d push him away . Cooper, you were drunk and talking babies with Violet – kiss her already!  That was a nice kiss Addison laid on Pete. A man who can make you sleep in bed is a keeper!” – TV Fanatic

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