TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Joyce Eng and Derek Ivie break down your fave shows of the night!

Gossip Girl: “After that brilliant opener, is anyone else wondering how many girls has Chuck sent to confessional? Blair tries to absolve her sins the morning after and bumps into Chuck, who is all for more. But Blair is holding out for a makeup on her birthday the next day. Little does she know, Nate doesn’t feel the same way, but he is pressured by his parents to rectify the situation because his dad is in jeopardy of losing Blair’s mom as a client. Sadistic mommy Archibald offers her bling blingin’ engagement ring for Nate to give Blair to save their asses. Unable to grow a pair, Nate reluctantly tells Blair he has a special present for her. She thinks it’s the necklace she put on hold, which has already been picked up. Still unsure as to what to do, Nate seeks the advice of Chuck, who tells him to stop letting his ‘rentals control his life. Nate ends up ditching Blair’s party for a night out with Jenny, whom he’s photographed with, and doesn’t fulfill his tradition of calling Blair at midnight on her birthday. And he finally gets some cojones and tells off his parents. ‘Atta boy! At her Japanese-themed bash, Blair is heartbroken he never called, especially since she struck a bet earlier with Chuck that he will…or she will sleep with Chuck. The Chuckster also admits the butterflies fluttering in his stomach for her, which she orders him to have them die. They don’t. He gives her his present — the necklace — and they totally get it on again. I love these two together! At this point, they have more chemistry than Dan and Serena. As for those two, the writers went with the typical girlfriend vs. best friend route a.k.a. Vanessa being hella annoying again with her Joey Potter-esque tendencies. Bleh. Serena is upset Dan told Vanessa instead of her that his mom Allison came back (and has floor sex with dad), and Dan promises to handle these situations better while Serena pledges to get to know Vanessa. This includes a Guitar Hero face-off. Product placement much? A good two minutes were devoted to Serena rockin’ out and Dan dorkin’ out on the side, which was actually pretty cute. By the end of the night, Dan and V head home and Serena stays to nurse Blair, who she discovers is already being nurtured (and more) by Chuck!” – Joyce

Project Runway: “I’ve gotten used to Project Runway’s outrageous first challenges. So it was a little bit of a letdown to watch season 4’s contestants make their first piece from – wait for it – $50,000 worth of fine fabric. Wha??? No ripping curtains off the wall or off their own backs to create an adorable evening frock? Kinda boring. The designers are told to make an outfit that represents them as a designer. Even swathed in all that luxurious reams of textile, some designers crack under the pressure. Elisa (this year’s Allison), weirds out her fellow competitors off the bat using her own body as the dressmaking dummy. Tapping into her hippy, trippy side, she creates an aqua gown that throws up a rainbow as a train. Tim tells her it’s not going to work, and it doesn’t: she’s in the bottom two (she must have really needed that nap if she didn’t want to finish those edges!) Rami’s winning dress was fabulous, though I can only love it so much since it’s something I wouldn’t wear. Runner up Christian is already bugging me with his youth and sense of entitlement. In the end, Simone’s poorly constructed baby doll dress gets her sent home. And I thoroughly agree. I made a dress once, and even I, a mere amateur, was able to get a zipper in mine.” – TV Fanatic


America’s Next Top Model: We start off with Lisa practicing her poses in the mirror. I guess these girls actually do that! We are then reminded by Bianca that Heather is sure to have a nervous breakdown.  The girls go to FITN and have to become a designer’s muse. All the student designers have to design a dress out of a grandmother’s church dress.  They are just as crazy as you would want them to be! It is like Project Runway Jr.! Oh yeah, Benny Ninja is there is a ninja/Scottish get-up… he is a mess.  The challenge is a runway show where they have to not only work their re-designed dress, but they also have to say how the dress represents them.  The girls do well, but Heather and Lisa forget how to speak.  Saleisha wins even though she looks like a cracked-out butterfly.  LAME! Jenah should have won as the rock star ballerina!  Heather gets the worst critique and she goes into a tizzy for the rest of the episode.  She even explodes at some of the girls whilst naked in the shower! Wet, naked anger doesn’t suit Heather well.  Plus she was being a baby.  After the blowout the girls get back on the eco-van! They take long drive into the middle of the desert and the van leaves them there! They are rescued by Mr. Jay.  As he walks over they are like “Who is that?” In reality you can see that man’s silver hair from a mile away! Who they kidding? The photo shoot has them being defeated models in the desert by a flaming car! It is odd, but it looks good! Ambreal blows it again and Lisa can’t get it together.  At judging as Tyra makes her introductions there are little dragon puppets popping up behind Twiggy and Miss J. Big Chinese lions come out and blink and it is really cute! THEY ARE GOIN TO CHINA!!! WOO! But then Tyra knows how to smack them down by telling them that one of them is going home. Long story short, Ambreal’s out.  I am becoming more nervous with Heather.  I think our CoverGirl of the week is fading! Buck up Heather, otherwise they are going to buck you off the show!” –  Derek

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