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Private Practice: “The key to dating successfully is to keep your crazy under wraps until you absolutely have to break it out. Carl seemed so cool as he cruised Addison in the cappuccino line, and was even smart enough to admit during their date that he was a patient of her colleague, Dr. Turner. Violet’s wretched facial gestures every time Addison brought up Carl made it clear that whatever condition he was battling was going to be a doozey, and shoving foreign objects up your butt pretty much takes the cake. Luckily, Addison was preoccupied with saving newborns for Safe Surrender, though it took its toll on her emotions. As she cradled a baby girl she helped save and nicknamed “Bat Girl,” Addison couldn’t understand how her mother could just give her up. (Nice touch that the mom was none other that Desperate Housewives’ Joy Lauren, who just gave birth on that show!) After their night of post-marriage sex, Naomi and Sam thought God was condemning them when their priest called on them. But the Father (My So Called Life alum Tom Irwin!) only wanted them to doctor sick nuns in a sequestered convent, who we would later learn had Typhoid. Sam and Naomi pulled a little CSI action when they realized the disease had only incubated over two weeks, so some infected person had been inside the convent walls. It turned out to be the priest, who admitted he would sneak in after hours to cook with Sister Virginia (and he meant that in the literal definition of the word!), because he missed their platonic gestures of affection. The man of the cloth wasn’t the only one seeking companionship. After his awkward night with BFF Violet, Cooper went back online to find lust, and he did, in the form of CanYouHandleMe445, who turned out to be none other that Dr. Charlotte King! She wanted nothing to do with Cooper at first, but it wasn’t long before she prescribed herself one sweaty romp with the fellow doc. That’s a prescription we could all use!” – TV Fanatic


Project Runway: “Three words: Sarah Jessica Parker! The contestants got to meet Ms. Carrie Bradshaw herself, which reduced a few to tears (you would cry too if it happened to you!). I had to pause my DVR because I was clapping so hard! The challenge was to design a fashionable, affordable piece for Sarah’s Bitten line, where no item is over $20. The designers sketched their vision and Sarah chose her seven favorites to be made. The winning designers chose a partner, took their $15 budget and got to work. The actual sewing process wasn’t very exciting, except for the team of Elisa and Sweet P, who was flipping out that she had to work with the out-of-this-dimension designer. Sweet P wanted those edges finished! After learning of Elisa’s icky spit-marking technique (I checked with my Nana who sewed for years. Unhygienic marking techniques are not acceptable in dressmaking!), those gals got it together. Their dress and poncho combination almost won top prize, but it rightfully went to Victorya’s cute little swing dress and striped racerback vest combo. Christian might have thought his ‘80s inspired jacket was retro. In front of a panel that actually lived through the eighties, it was just a bad trip down memory lane. Steven and Marion’s Pocahontas look crashed and burned. I agreed with Heidi, it did look dirty. And Marion was sent home.” – TV Fanatic


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