Tonight Victoria’s Secret is hosting a party for the announcement of their third annual ‘What is Sexy?” list and I got leaked a sneak peak. Here’s what the company that defines sexy thinks is sexy – and some comment from me 😉 x

Sexiest Male Athlete: Tony Romo – well, he does get all the chicks.

Sexiest Couple: Fergie and Josh Duhamel – He’s so hot he looks fake, she was, and apparently still is, his fantasy girl.

Sexiest Style: Scarlett Johansson – I don’t know if I’d necessarily give her style, but she deserves some kind of sexy award and her often-retro look does certain


Sexiest Smile: Ryan Seacrestm- Hmm, Ryan’s cute, sexy?

Sexiest Eyes: Kate Bosworth – pretty

Sexiest Legs: Ali Larter -Better to kick ass with on Heroes, if we ever have s scripted TV back.

Sexiest Mom: Victoria Beckham – ok, she’s a pretty hot mom.

Sexiest Dad: Justin Chambers –Yes, hot dad of a bunch of kids, they must keep him from sleeping because that’s the reason given for why he checked into a psychiatric hospital this week. Sexiest

Funnyman: Dane Cook – agreed.

Sexiest Beach Body: Josh Holloway – yum

Sexiest Lips: Jessica Biel – true. I heard a rumor Justin is in town, wonder if he’ll come out to celebrate Jessica’s sexy lips?

Sexiest Actress: Eva Mendes – Sadly she’s the second person on this list admitted to a rehab or treatment facility this week (see sexiest dad)

Sexiest Actor: Eric Bana, as Perez Hilton would say, ‘zexy.’

Sexiest Female Musician: Rihanna – like it, ‘ella, ella, ella.’

Sexiest Male Musician: Chris Brown – definitely hot right now.

Sexiest Cast: Dirty Sexy Money – haven’t seen it, but sounds sexy.

Sexiest Newcomer: Blake Lively – from what I hear/see Matt Leinart agrees.

Sexiest Newlyweds: Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley – did Josh Kelley agree to perform at the party before or after getting this honor?



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