Last week, it was a flashback to the 90s when rumors swirled that Sean "Diddy" Combs was reverting back to his original stage name of Puff Daddy.

"They call me Puff Daddy… he’s back," he raps on O’Neal McKnight‘s single "Check Your Coat" remix.

Perhaps that was just for nostalgia’s sake as the mogul’s rep denied the name change, but does the mogul himself have any future plans to go back?

Not really.

"As time goes on, everyone will call me Sean," he tells AMC. "It’ll come to that and it will be easier for everyone, but for right now, everyone can be a little confused."

The 38-year-old, who can be seen in AMC’s original series Shooutout, says his multiple name changes were never on a whim. They were always "symbolic" of some instance in his life. For example, he dropped "Puff Daddy" after he was cleared of assault charges in 2001.

"I had went through a time when everyone knew me for certain things and I didnt want to be known for," he says. "I didnt want to be in that box and what I had went through at the time when I was known for certain things and I didnt want to be known for Im a gangsta rapper and involved in negative things."

Although he’s not proud that his moniker-swapping causes so much confusion and head-scratching (not mention reduces Google searches, he says), Diddy is happy he’s one of the few and proud who has successfully done it.

"Prince, he wasnt able to do it. Garth Brooks wasn’t able to do it. I think I’ve been the only person that was able to successfully been able do it."

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