John Mayer had the upper hand when he publicly dumped Jennifer Aniston in August, but two months later the actress has him right where she wants him. On Oct. 22, Jen joined handsome actor Gerard Butler for a late supper at one of her favorite haunts, The Tower Bar in West Hollywood.


“Gerard was laughing loudly towards the end of the meal,” a fellow diner tells OK!, “while Jen was laughing uncontrollably!”


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The Friends star is playing hardball with John, who is begging her for a second chance. “Jen now has laid down some hard and fast rules for John, if he ever wants things to work out between them,” a pal of Jen tells OK!.

And John, so far, appears to be following them, temporarily giving up his bachelor pad in Pacific Palisades, Calif., for a room at the Beverly Hills Hotel – one of Jen’s frequent hangouts. “He’s created a little nest where she can feel comfortable,” a source tells OK!.


But giving up his bachelor ways may not be enough, as Jen is making it clear that she’s playing the field.


“Jen’s been seeing John, but she let him know other men still find her attractive,” a gal pal of Jen says. And the actress, who has a habit of falling for her co-stars, may have already found a new leading man.

“Jen and Gerard have chemistry in spades,” an insider tells OK!. “I wouldn’t be surprised if something clicked between them.”


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