October 13
Today’s celeb birthdays
1959: Marie Osmond (51)
1971: Sacha Baron Cohen (39)
1980: Ashanti (30)

Looking for that exhilarating sense of freedom, Libra? Given all the things you have on your plate at the moment, it looks as if you’re pretty much tied down to base. It’s your home, family and other domestic matters that take top billing and keep you rooted today. Call me to hear when to avoid a family ruction.

Your ardor and drive can sometimes be hard to control but this is a day when doing things to excess won’t do you any favors at all. It’s a day, too, to give difficult people a wide berth. Swim with the tide especially at work. Call me to hear when you mustn’t give in to bullying behavior.

Whether you’re just feeling out of sorts or have boring jobs to get through, you appear to be heavily weighed down. Take is slowly – there’s no point rushing. The stars advise you to go with the flow and not to go looking for problems where they don’t exist. Call me to hear when some tough decisions are called for.

Everywhere you go, people are talking about health matters and a friend’s news especially touches your heart. Remember that you are fundamentally an optimist. Keep spreading your sunshine and hold on to the belief that dark clouds can have silver linings after all. Call me to hear about your intensely emotional day.

You know as a Cancerian that home is usually your happiest place to be. At the moment, though, because domestic matters are weighing heavily on your shoulders, this environment is a little gloomy. Have that heart-to-heart with your partner and then find ways to bring the sunshine back. Call me to hear when to be aware of someone’s manipulative ploys.

Sometimes life feels as if it’s three steps forward and two back. No matter how hard you try, this is just one of those days when you seem to come up against obstacles and delays. Fortunately, you have the power to rise above. Reward yourself tonight. Call me to hear when a health matter may cause some concern.

Have you been wondering what’s happened to your winning streak? Money and business matters have been keeping you busy and you sense that another expense is looming. Take things one step at a time. More importantly, think now about taking a break. Call me to hear when to stand your ground against someone’s belligerence.

You can be a little over-intense sometimes, Scorpio. What particularly gets your goat is trying to reach people who are unavailable, or speaking to someone who simply doesn’t get what you’re trying to tell them. If you feel steam coming out of your ears, just back off. Call me to hear when to expect difficult news.

It’s not like you to be so downcast, Sagittarius. But, buoyant as you are, even you have your off days and it doesn’t help that today is more demanding than usual. Ride it out – you know that moods can lift as quickly as they descend. And this one will, too. Call me to hear when to avoid a difficult financial entanglement.

You won’t get everything your own way today, Capricorn, especially not at work. There are deep issues to consider and big changes to get your head around. Postpone official dealings until another day if you can and concentrate on those things you know you can improve. Call me to hear when to brace yourself for an emotionally intense day.

Something at the back of your mind has been bothering you. Now, the revelations and new insights you receive today will not only throw light on these issues but will also put matters into their true perspective. Trust your instincts and listen to the messages in your dreams. Call me to hear about a disturbing premonition.

Much as you may want to tuckle yourself up at home, you really shouldn’t bury yourself away. Even though the social scene may not be as lively as usual, or people not as forthcoming as you would like, the stars encourage you to get out there – and smile. Call me to hear when to give a certain dominating person a wide berth.

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