February 14
Today’s celeb birthdays
1934: Florence Henderson (77)
1970: Simon Pegg (41)
1972: Rob Thomas (39)
1992: Freddie Highmore (19)

With your mind going into overdrive today, it feels as if you’re running on high octane gas. Slow down – there’s only so much you can do and fit into a working day. If you exhaust yourself you won’t have any energy left to enjoy Valentine’s Day night! Call me to hear when you must put security first.

Socially and professionally, it’s an intensely busy start to your week. But matters of the heart gather an altogether calmer and more satisfying momentum today. Whether it’s because it’s Valentine’s Day or because you’ve reached a happy compromise, you can now put disagreements to one side. Call me to hear when to prepare for a disruptive day.

Despite the odd hassle, your career is benefiting from your determination to make progress. What’s more, celestial energies are backing your ascent on the ladder of success. So aim high at work today! Valentine’s Day? Love at a distance makes the heart grow fonder. Call me to hear when a friend makes your life difficult.

The stars are working hard on your behalf putting you in contact with some interesting new people and situations. It doesn’t have to be the same old, same old, you know. Today, an outing or a chance meeting opens your heart to love. Call me to hear when family and home are in turmoil.

Are you being too analytical, Cancer? It’s difficult to see the bigger picture when you narrow your focus, as you’re doing today. Bring love into your life tonight: get out the silver cutlery, polish the crystal glasses, lay the table, cook a sumptuous love feast and hang the expense! Call me to hear when to avoid a trip causing a problem.

Trudging through treacle today, Leo? Do your best – things pick up midweek. Secret longings flood your mind on this romantic day. What a pity Valentine’s Day had to fall on a workaday Monday! But partnerships matter more than ever so give love a chance to grow. Call me to hear when a financial matter causes a ruckus.

Are you being forced or hurried into a situation you’re not too sure about, or not at all comfortable with? Beware peer pressure – especially where money is involved. A date on Valentine’s Day? Be flexible in case you have to change your plans. Play safe. Call me to hear when to avoid a falling out with someone close.

It’s Valentine’s Day! Although there’s no let-up in your busy schedule, today’s love vibes do provide scope for enjoying the lighter side of life. So, Libra, whether for you it means tension or desire, love on this special day may be restrained, but it’s certainly full-on. Call me to hear when your routine is thrown into chaos.

The day won’t be without its challenges. If you’ve left it too late to book somewhere for an evening out tonight, why not make it a romantic evening in? With a little imagination – and your legendary seductive powers – your home could become the hottest place in town! Call me to hear when someone’s eccentricities cause annoyance.

Make those contacts and speak to people today, Sagittarius. Something you hear, read or come across is unusually stimulating. It sparks your imagination and opens you up to new ideas. Finances? A change of tack for the time being is in your interest. Romantic avowals please. Call me to hear when to avoid a conflict between work and home.

If it isn’t love, it could be pennies from heaven landing in your lap today! But remember it’s Valentine’s Day so don’t put your partnership under strain by being resistant to domestic change. If you can’t afford to indulge your senses now, when can you? Call me to hear when the unexpected messes up your plans.

Money problems? Either deal with them today or push the situation out of your mind. With Venus lighting up the social sector of your sign, there’s every chance of making Valentine’s Day a happy loving time. You may have to work on it, though! Call me to hear when a lack of cooperation makes you see red.

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