March 14
Today’s celeb birthdays
1933: Michael Caine (78)
1933: Quincy Jones (78)
1947: Billy Crystal (63)
1983: Taylor Hanson (28)
1986: Jamie Bell (25)

Money rears its ugly head today, Pisces. If you’ve overspent your budget, run up debts or forgotten to pay a bill, you’ll hear about it by early afternoon. If you need advice, make sure you’re talking to the right people as there’s a chance you may be getting only half the story. Cozy up with a friend tonight. Call me to hear when to avoid an impulse buy.

Have you spoken too soon, Aries, made plans or commitments you now regret? Or perhaps it’s someone else who can’t or won’t keep their promise to you. If you’re missing colleagues or loved ones, find a way to reconnect. A new approach is in your power. Call me to hear when to avoid a family dispute over money.

It’s one of those sluggish Mondays. Either you’re just not feeling up to speed or else you’re encountering delays at every turn. Whatever’s on your agenda, it’s your health and wellbeing you must put first today. Taking the day off or working from home is ideal. Call me to hear when to avoid a mishap.

Adaptability is your middle name, Gemini, and the more you can bend and bow with events today, the better. Chances are that someone will block your plans or hold you up so that you have to make some quick revisions to your agenda. Read between the lines! Call me to hear when to avoid an upsetting social situation.

Home and work are in conflict today. Either attending to a domestic matter cuts into your working day, or else a heavier than usual workload prevents you from devoting yourself to affairs at home. It’s a tricky balance. If necessary, defer decisions until tomorrow. Call me to hear when to avoid disapproval from higher up.

You know yourself how Leos can sometimes go over the top – and then live to regret it. If you’ve overcommitted yourself or are late in delivery, you may come up against a stumbling block today. Just get your head down and work as solidly as you can. Call me to hear when you must take extra care when driving.

Do you have enough cash on you, Virgo, have you ticked all the right boxes and are you talking to the best advisor? A financial shortfall could trip you up, a plan is scuppered or a deal delayed. Before you give up, remember tomorrow’s another – and more hopeful – day. Call me to hear when to avoid a joint investment giving you concern.

Who’s rubbing whom up the wrong way? Whether it’s you who’s ruffling a partner’s feathers or a client, customer or colleague making life difficult for you, the upshot is a potentially stalemate situation. If anyone knows anything about compromise, Libra, it’s you! Call me to hear when to avoid a falling out with your partner.

Something at the back of your mind is weighing heavily. As a Scorpio, your emotions tend to be labyrinthinely deep – so deep that sometimes not even you can tease out what’s really bothering you. Perhaps you’re tired, perhaps you’ve had a bad dream. Work things out and then move on. Call me to hear when to avoid a sudden action creating mayhem.

Much as you’re ready and more than willing to help, it’s possible that circumstances will be complicated. Whether you’re dealing with a friend, colleague or offspring, go through the details one step at a time. That way, you’ll discover where the sticking point lies and how to resolve it. Call me to hear when to avoid an emotional upset with someone close.

Official matters, especially if they relate to house, home, family or property, may be oppressive, arduous or downright disappointing today. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way and it’s just a question of finding the best way around the obstacle. The solution will be clearer tomorrow. Call me to hear when to avoid family turmoil.

Plan B tucked up your sleeve is handy today. So, too, is patience. Whether you’re travelling, making arrangements or dealing with correspondence, it’s important that you give yourself extra time in case of delays and hold-ups and also remember to read between the lines. Call me to hear when to protect yourself against electronic mishap.

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