May 12
Today’s celeb birthdays
1962: Emilio Estevez (49)
1968: Tony Hawk (43)
1978: Jason Biggs (33)
1986: Emily VanCamp (25)

Travel broadens the mind, as we know Taurus, but it can also deepen your understanding. Today there’s a magical aura surrounding all your social affairs. A fairy-tale romance? Hook up with the right people and, chances are, it could happen for you. Take the lead. Call me to hear when you must say ‘no’.

Looking for a dream job? Come up with a dream of an idea? Dreaming yourself rich? Your imagination – and your dream world – seems to be working powerfully today. Use this inspiration to drive forward whatever you’re working on at the moment. Carpe diem – don’t put off until tomorrow. Call me to hear when you need to stand firm.

Distance gives a new perspective on family affairs which now take a turn for the better. Ideas for improving your home may sound expensive but the prospect is exciting. It’s time for you to put your problems aside today and go with the flow. Call me to hear when you need to give yourself time to think.

You’re focused on teamwork today, steering discussions on legal matters, politics, ethics and education. Think IT solutions, training courses and social networking. Travel? Whether it’s for business or personal reasons, it’s good to get away. A heart-to-heart deepens a special liaison. Call me to hear when people are likely to let you down.

You can’t duck out of financial affairs today, Leo. There’s a certain business matter that needs to be sorted. Talk to the professionals if you’re unsure and in need of clarification. Thinking about refurbishing your office? Work on plans and cost out the outlay required. Call me to hear when a calm approach avoids a potential flare-up.

Sometimes, Virgo, you can be a little too set in your ways. A change of mindset is all it takes to change your mood and your views. If you think about your situation differently, you’ll see you’re onto a much more hopeful state of affairs today. Call me to hear when to guard against disappointment.

Another go at plans for alterations gets better results today. Take time out to think hard about the changes you want to make. The more you can work in the background, the more you’ll get done. A business plan involving joint finances gets the go-ahead now. Call me to hear when to avoid money becoming a bone of contention.

Romance is in the air for you today, Scorpio. Attached? Text your partner sweet words of endearment, buy them a present on your way home or arrange for a special evening together. Single? Send out those pheromones. Ask a friend out – you have so much in common! Call me to hear when to avert a mishap or mistake.

You have creative ideas and designs in mind both for your home and your work. Some of your plans are quite bold but, given your excellent tastes, you know they’ll work well. Don’t delay that financial decision any longer. If you need to, take it to the top. Call me to hear when to avoid a power struggle.

Longing to get away, Capricorn? Aching to meet up with friends? Planning a hot date, a visit to the cinema, taking in a concert? Make your arrangements and book today. Don’t wait until tomorrow as you may not find what, or who, you’re looking for then. Call me to hear when to avert someone’s indecisiveness scuppering your plans.

Follow your instincts because, when it comes to money, investments and joint resources, you have your finger on the pulse. You’re thinking about big issues, business plans and improvements for your home and environment. Don’t waste any more time. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. Call me to hear when cooperation prevents a conflict.

Put your skates on, Pisces – you’re in for a busy day. But there are pleasant experiences in store, lots of variety, different interests and a chance to put your creative ideas into practice. Tune into people and steer their ideas with your wonderfully infectious enthusiasm. Call me to hear when you mustn’t take that risk.

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